Exploring life and Earth systems through deep time

Reseach Areas

Microbial and Environmental Evolution. We use a combination of field-based sedimentology, petrography, and geochemistry to examine the history of microorganisms and environments throughout geologic time.

Experimental Microbial Ecology. We conduct experiments with modern microbes to examine community-level interactions and to improve interpretation of the geologic record of ancient organisms.

Sedimentology of Fine-Grained Sediments. Since fine-grained sediments host important records of early ocean composition and biota, we explore depositional processes and petrology of these rocks to increase the resolution of stratigraphic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions. This work also has relevance to understanding petroleum systems.

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    Early Communities
    We use a simple model of mat growth to analyze the earliest record of microbial communities.
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    The early Earth's surface was cooler than previously thought.
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